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Ghee Spot (Raw Chocolate Bar)
Ghee Spot is a ghee chocolate bar sold by Gold Nugget Ghee

Ghee Spot (Raw Chocolate Bar)

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**This item has been discontinued** 


Butter laced chocolate DOES melt in your mouth! The perfect marriage of our grass-fed ghee and wild-harvested Ecuadorian cacao this handcrafted chocolate bar is an unctuous treat.  Sweetened with coconut nectar it has a glycemic index of 35, which is less than organic sugars at 47 - or refined sugars of 80!

Enjoy with a freshly pulled espresso!

Handcrafted by Substantial Chocolate and made at the Anandamide PsycheDelicatessen in Long Beach, CA.

Ingredients: organic raw wild-harvested Ecuadorian (Ariba Nacional) cacao (56%), organic coconut nectar, organic Gold Nugget ghee, San Diego sea salt.