A Recap of the Weston A Price Conference

Written by Daniel Draskinis

This past weekend, I was an exhibitor at the Weston A Price/Wise Traditions Conference with my company Gold Nugget Ghee in Montgomery, Alabama.

Weston A Price was a dentist in the 1930’s who was curious about why his patients were having a range of dental issues. He traveled the world with his nephew who worked for National Geographic, and documented the teeth and diets of cultures throughout the world. What he found was that diet was largely the link to overall dental health. Specifically he found what he called Activator X, which we now know as Vitamin K2. This vitamin is found in such foods as natto (fermented soybean), as well as pasture raised ghee, butter, and meat. In cultures that included these foods, he found that it promoted dental health.

The Weston A Price conference is tailored towards people that have read the Wise Traditions books and that follow the work of Weston A Price. Every year a group of real-foodies come together for powerful lectures, to discover what the latest and greatest real food exhibitors are up to, incredible food, and to meet like-minded people. The Weston A Price conference has been happening annually for the past 16 years, rotating to different areas of the county every time.

Having a booth was a good opportunity for me to get the Gold Nugget Ghee name out there to followers of Weston A Price and a network of chapter leaders from all over the country. As an exhibitor, it is a fun playful experience to be “working” and engaging with your customers, other exhibitors, and to be a part of the conference experience.

This conference had a great line-up of speakers, including Ben Greenfield, Chris Masterjohn, Laura Schoenfeld, Tom Cowan, and Hannah Crum.

There were many fantastic passionate exhibitors that were present as well:

Fatworks, a small passionate company that makes the very best tallow and lard products out of Boulder, CO. We’ve had the pleasure of bumping into them a few times at the AHS conference, and events from Naturally Boulder.

FatCo, which is a company that uses tallow from Fatworks to make the very best tallow based health/beauty products like Stank Stop, Fat Stick, and Body Butter. We were recently on the Optimal Performance podcast with them, entitled “Why You Should Drink Cow Fat and Smear It On Your Skin” to listen to that podcast, click here!

The Flavor Chef, a company that makes frozen organic chicken and beef bone broth. The Flavor Chef was started by a passionate chef of 27 years, Chef Lance Roll, seeing a need for bringing the best bone broth he uses the best bones he can find to make his products. Pick up some of his products here:

Buchi Kombucha is a kombucha company that I haven’t seen yet. They are a team of passionate women that are making some of the best organic kombucha around with flavors that include such spices/herbs as fresh ginger,

Millers Organic Farm. is a group of Amish farmers that produce raw cheese, raw milk, raw butter, soaps, potato chips cooked in lard, in addition to many other wonderful products. They also make fermented treats such as: kombucha, ginger ale, and sauerkraut. They supply to a number of different buying clubs throughout the country.

At the conference I had the opportunity to talk with Hilda Labrada Gore, who runs the Wise Traditions Podcast, find out more about the podcast here. Find our talk on the Facebook Live video starting at 18 minutes 20 seconds here.

I also talked with Hilda about the article that Ben Greenfield just wrote about the research that is coming out about cod liver oil, and how the majority of what you find out there is either rancid or combined with vegetable oils. He suggests having ghee instead. To read it click here.

There are Weston A Price chapter meetings that happen in just about every big city in the US, find your local chapter here.
For those of you that attended Weston A Price, there is a special coupon code that you can use at our website www.goldnuggetghee.com to get 15% off your next purchase! Use the coupon code WPRICE.

Stay tuned for a new product we are releasing in the next few weeks!

Until next time!

Much love,

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  1. James says:

    It was nice meeting you, discovering your brand, and sampling some of the best ghee I’ve had at the conference! Those are always a lot of fun. Hope to see you next year in Minneapolis! Patiently waiting for the new product to hit the shelves..

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