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Confused about A2/A2? We got you

The Uncomfortable Truth About A1/A2... You might have seen a reference to A1 or A2 or A2/A2 recently!In today's "wealthful" health market it's good to treat all new health discoveries with a weary eye.  The A1/A2 debate is no exception and when you are talking a billion dollar dairy industry the stakes get even higher.  A2/A2 refers to the genetics of the type of beta-casein protein. Most cow milk genetically contains both the A1 + A2 casein proteins, but goat milk, yak milk, and even human breast milk are unique in that they only contain A2. A2/A2 milk and ghee made from it, is suggested to have less digestive issues for people sensitive to lactose or dairy.So why are we talking about A2/A2?Pasteurized cow’s milk...

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Fat and Nothing But the Fat

  Here at Gold Nugget Ghee we specialize in fat spreads.  One of our biggest challenges has been to re-educate folks about the benefits of eating healthy fats.  Your body NEEDS healthy fats. It's a major source of energy, it helps you absorb vitamins and minerals, helps you build cell membranes, is essential for blood clotting, muscle movement, and helps relieve inflammation. So lets talk about fat! Fats can be confusing, but you can generally divide fats into four types: Saturated fats, from animal fat and tropical oils  Monounsaturated fat, such as olive oil  Polyunsaturated fat, such as omega-3 and omega-6 fats  Trans fats, such as margarine  What are Saturated Fats?  Saturated fats are common in the American diet. They are...

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