We strive for integrity.

Gold Nugget Ghee is committed to supporting our community and the lives of our fellow humans and animal friends. We start by sourcing our butter from pasture-raised cows that are treated with utmost care and respect in Humboldt County, CA;  they live a happy, beautiful, and low stress life. We embrace supporting local enterprises and a lower ecological footprint by supporting California farmers, as well as our cows. These ladies are the backbone of our business! Our ghee is handcrafted in small batches in a happy, low-stress kitchen in Arcata, CA, paying careful attention to bring out the best texture possible, as well as the rich aroma and notes of caramel. One taste, and you'll be hooked!

Organic full-year pasture-raised California ghee. Certified Keto + Paleo Friendly.

The Perfect Cooking Oil: Ghee has an ultra-high smoke point of 482F and can replace oil or butter in any recipe.

Ghee is full of healthy saturated fats and is lactose and casein free. 

Ghee originated in ancient India and is considered the golden elixir of Ayurveda.

Have you tried Gold Nugget Ghee in your coffee or tea? 

Try our new Chocolate Ghee!

Chocolate Honey Ghee is made from our organic full-year pasture-raised ghee, organic raw wild-harvested cacao from the jungles of Ecuador, organic clover honey, and a dash of organic cardamom.

it's absolutely delicious!