The Story Of Our Ghee Company

Optimized food + health + planet!! 

Gold Nugget Ghee exists to connect people with real and simple food that supports our health, the food system, and our planet.


Our founder, Daniel Draskinis discovered ghee in 2011 while he was exploring yoga and Ayurvedic medicine. It is considered to be the cure all, and is suggested to hold a host of health benefits. He tried making it in his kitchen and soon was making it for friends also. 

In January 2016, Gold Nugget Ghee started as an experiment in Long Beach, California at Yogalution Movement & Ayurveda. After doing yoga, Daniel would have tea and explain about ghee and about its benefits. Daniel realized that many people still weren't sure about what ghee was and started educating them. Soon Gold Nugget Ghee entered more stores in Southern California, and Daniel realized that this was an opportunity to expand his vision outward.

In March 2017, Daniel moved up to Arcata in Humboldt County, California (the source of the delicious organic butter) and settled into a new kitchen amongst the redwoods and green pastures. From inspiration from other raw chocolate producers, he created the Chocolate Honey Ghee. 

In June 2017, Gold Nugget Ghee started its Buy 1 Feed 1 model, for every jar purchased a child in Ecuador is supported with water, food, and medicine.