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Ambassador Applications are now OPEN for:

Summer Quarter

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 The Details:

Gold Nugget Ghee is growing quickly and we're looking for adventurous, motivated ambassadors to spread the word about our full year pasture raised ghee! If you're passionate about healthy living, finding new expeditions, and sharing your experiences with others via social media, we'd love to partner with you! Each Gold Nugget Ghee ambassador applicant will be reviewed by the team and contacted by us if we believe you'd make a good fit. Please review the requirements listed below. Each ambassador will be reviewed on a 90-day basis to ensure a positive and productive relationship for you and Gold Nugget Ghee!

 The Background:

Started in 2016, Gold Nugget Ghee has quickly become the gold standard of ghee. Based in the ancient redwoods of Arcata, California, we use only the highest quality ingredients possible to make our line of traditional and flavored fat spreads. Ghee is an ancient and traditional health food, originating thousands of years ago in ancient India. It’s a nutrient rich and versatile cooking fat that can be used for literally anything. 

We are committed to being innovators, while making everything by hand in small batches in a happy low-stress kitchen. Our founder, Daniel Draskinis originally found ghee through his adventures in ultramarathon running and triathlons, looking for a compact and quick fuel for his expeditions.

Our goal at Gold Nugget Ghee and with our Ambassadors is to leave no trace and to reuse as much as possible, creating a “less is more” mindset.


Ambassador Expectations:

● 1 Instagram post per month minimum

● Use Gold Nugget Ghee hashtags in all posts: #goldnuggetghee #gheedyup #magicfat

● 2 Instagram story shoutouts per month minimum

● Follow Gold Nugget Ghee on social media! Interacting with our posts is huge for us. Please turn on post notifications.

  • Instagram: @goldnuggetghee
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter: @goldnuggetghee

● Share information from time to time (giveaways, product releases, etc.).


The Gold Nugget Ghee Commitment

Ambassador Discount- Receive a percentage off of product for personal use only.

Quarterly swag/product package- A delivery of swag each quarter. This will range from hats to product, to anything that Gold Nugget Ghee puts our name on.

Content Sharing- We will be diligent about sharing your content across our social channels, including the Gold Nugget Ghee Facebook and Instagram accounts. Gold Nugget Ghee has rights to all media as well as rights to share from any social media platform or use it for promotional materials.