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The Gold Nugget Ghee Tribe is a group of amazing and talented humans that are helping to influence the planet by bringing more hope, inspiration, and change. These humans stand behind our motto: optimized food + health + planet


Becca Carniello

Becca is an Olympic weightlifter and coach that most recently won best female lifter at a meet in Southern California. She is currently training 💪 for University Nationals and the American Open. She has future goals to qualify for the Pan American Championships and other international weightlifting meets representing Team USA 🇺🇸. She is also a student studying wildlife 🐾 conservation and pursues an active lifestyle playing in the forest 🌲 and riding her bike 🚴. She is constantly searching for the best for herself, the people she trains, and what she eats. She resides in Humboldt County, California. She loves the energy GHEE 🍯 gives her 💚🙏🏻💚






Priscilla Herrera 

@nogipriss + @yogapriss

Yoga Teacher, Jiu Jitsu Master



Jade Belzberg



Jade Belzberg is a competitive ultrarunner and freelance writer based in San Diego, California. In the past year she has managed a 1st place and a course record at Twin Peaks 50, 1st place at the San Diego Trail Marathon, 3rd place at the Orcas Island 100, 1st place at Oriflamme 50K, and 1st place overall (men & woman) at the Peak Marathon. A proponent of holistic living and experiencing outdoor adventure, she writes for a variety of publications including Trail Runner Magazine, San Diego Magazine, Tough Mudder and Basmati. 

Caitlin McCurdy


Owner of Iron Roots Strength Academy, Crossfit Coach, Precision Nutrition Coach.
Caitlin inspires others and coaches others to be the very best people they can be. She personally uses ghee everyday either in cooking or to make delicious far from fat-shy tonics that are the keystone of her own nutritional wellness.
Based in Juneau, AK


Jessica Dean
@culturedlifefoods @theforagedforest
Jessica is a homebirth Mama of three, living in Portland, Oregon. She began her journey into whole foods while studying Traditional Chinese Medicine at The Wellspring School for the Healing Arts. @thewellspringschool She practices Wholistic Nutrition and Herbalism. If you can't find her in the garden harvesting dinner she's probably writing poetry, about sustainable agriculture or taking her kids on a foraging adventure in the forest.
If you want to become a member of the tribe, email with a) who you are, b) what you do, c) why you need ghee, d) how you use it.